**How to avoid being SCAMMED**

Hi everyone, as reputable breeders, we like to pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide, and helping others find their perfect pet. It is important however to be safe and protect yourselves. Here are our tips on  HOW TO AVOID BEING SCAMMED... 

* Well bred, healthy puppies are not inexpensive. Scammers will advertise their puppies for unreasonably low prices as a way to draw you in. If the price is too good to be true, it is usually not real.

* Reputable breeders will show you photos of the puppies parents and be able to give you proof of health testing and AKC/ CKC registration. Scammers will usually stop responding when you ask questions they can’t answer. 

* Reputable breeders are a wealth of information about the breed. 

* Scammers change their “names”, and FB pages often. If someone just opened a FB account or If they only have a few friends or likes, they are most likely scammers. 

* Reputable breeders will always talk to you on the phone. Reputable breeders want to interview you while you’re interviewing them. Reputable breeders want their puppies going to the perfect home and will never just text you and not talk to you on the phone. 

* Reputable breeders will not send you a photo of their driver’s license to prove they are not a scammer. Scammers send stolen licenses trying to get you to trust them. 

* Reputable breeders aren’t going to waste their time proving they’re not a scammer. They likely have a few litters a year and can easily place them in loving homes without having to “prove” themselves to anyone. Their practices and reputation should speak for itself. If someone tries too hard to show you they’re “real” by sending all sorts of unnecessary things they’re probably scamming. 

* Reputable breeders will send you real time photos. Ask them to send you a photo of the puppy/puppies with a piece of paper with the current date on it! Better yet, ask to FaceTime! Scammers steal photos of cute puppies off the internet. Generic photos are a dead giveaway that they are a scammer. 

* Ask lots of lots of questions! A reputable breeder will be happy to answer any and all questions. Scammers care more about getting your money and often will tell you what you want to hear and get upset with you for asking too many questions. 

* Scammers may ask where you are located and say something like “No way! We have a puppy already headed that way. Let me know if you want us to ship your puppy at the same time as the cost of shipping has already been paid.” Don’t fall for this ploy. They want you to feel rushed into making a quick decision. Never tell someone where you are located unless they tell you where they are located first. 

* Scammers often “sell” many different dog breeds. If you look at their web site or FB page and it’s chocked full of cute puppies of all kinds, it’s most likely a scam. 

* Scammers will pressure you into sending them a deposit. 

* Scammers do not take PayPal unless they can convince you to use “friends and family”. They want you to pay in a way that you can’t retrieve your money. 

* Scammers often have very poor grammar/spelling. 

* If things just don’t seem right or there are red flags, don’t do it! Trust your gut.

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