"Is a Maltese the right fit for me?"

When you are deciding about bringing a new fur-baby into your home, deciding what breed to choose is not the easiest decision. Being unfamiliar with the Maltese family, questioning whether a Maltese is the right dog for you is perfectly fine, and bringing a puppy home means adding a member to your family. This should be taken seriously.

Here are some of the most important questions answered about Maltese, and why we love this breed so much!

Maltese dogs are believed to have originated in the island of Malta, south of Italy. It is where they get their name! Malta was known for its sophistication, so the island really fits the breed. Maltese have been valued highly throughout the centuries, especially loved by royalty such as Queen Elizabeth I. Ranging from show dogs, to family pets, Maltese are a great fit for anyone looking for a sweet and small companion.

SIZE: Out of the 21 different toy-sized breeds, Maltese are one of the smallest. Even as adults, they remain small or even much smaller than puppies of other breeds. The standard size of our Maltese is under 7 pounds. They are lap dogs, who love to cuddle and play. They are indoor dogs, do not require a large yard, and are small enough and easy to bring with you everywhere you go. Although they are tiny, they fill your heart completely!

COAT: Maltese has a coat of hair (not fur). They are hypoallergenic dogs, meaning any allergies you may have with dogs are not found to a problem with this breed. A great bonus to the Maltese coat is they can have a range of different hair styles. They can easily go from a long show coat to a short teddy bear cut, but then can grow the long coat back again. Because their hair is silky and long, their coat must be maintained and brushed daily to avoid tangling (ouch!). 

Maltese are most often found with solid white coats, however touches of light tan or champagne may initially appear on some puppies (which is typically grown out of and turns fully white).

PERSONALITY: If you are still not sure if Maltese is the right breed for you, there are plenty of more reasons why they are the perfect pet. They are wonderful family members with great personalities. Each dog has a different temperament, but ALL of our Malteses have been found to be very loving, playful, and happy dogs. This breed is generally easy going and very content as long as they are with a loving family. They LOVE attention, and like to be in the middle of the action, right by their humans' side. They make great companions, are the perfect cuddle buddy, and are very loyal to those close to them. Maltese require quite a bit of affection and often don't take well to being home alone for long periods. They have a long life expectancy of 12-15 years, and fall into the top 20 most popular dog breeds in the U.S.


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